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To bring out the best performance of your car, you need a set of tyres that complement your driving style. At our garage, you will find an extensive variety of tyres in all sizes and performance categories.

We are Buzzy Bee Tyres, one of the largest tyre retailers in Leighton Buzzard. At our garage, you will find the most extesnive collection of tyres suitable for every type of vehicle. Apart from the seasonal variations, we also store high-performance tyres for high-end sports and luxury vehicles.

215/50 R17 tyres fit some of the most popular car models in the UK. It is a wide radial tyre with a thicker profile and 17-inch rim compatibility. The 215mm wide contact patch provides adequate road grip while the large sidewall ensures a long service life. We stock 215/50 R17 sized tyres from various manufacturers.Let’s take a look at some of our best selling products.

  • Snoways 3 –Snoways 3 is a winter tyre from Lassa. It has a load capacity of690 kilograms,and a speed rating of 149 mph.
  • Impetus Revo – The Impetus Revo is another popular Lassa tyre. It is has a wide body and sleeker profile for improved handling and better heat dissipation. At 168mph, it has a higher speed rating than the Snoways 3, but a lower load capacity of 615 kilograms.
  • EfficientGrip – If you want better mileage, go with Goodyear’s EfficientGrip. Its unique tread design reduces rolling resistance, and you will also get Goodyear’s rim protection technology built in. It scores a solid ‘C’ in mileage and wet grip in EU tyre label and is very quiet with 68dB of noise rating.
  • EfficientGrip Performance – Goodyear also produces EfficientGrip Performance, a tyre that will give you good mileage without compromising with your car’s top speed. The Performance variant features the same basic design with sleeker profile and sidewall to sidewall sipes. It has a fuel efficiency rating of ‘B’, wet grip rating of ‘A’, and 69dB of noise emission rating.
  • Michelin Primacy 3 – Michelin’s Primacy 3 is one of their most popular 215/50 R17 size tyres. Its unidirectional grooves offer excellent stability on dry roads, while the deep treads ensure adequate heat dissipation for all-day-long usage, even during the hottest summers. The sipes which are spread out till the sidewalls also minimise the risks of aquaplaning.

Think quality, think Buzzy Bee Tyres

If you are looking for a set of high quality, long lasting, and affordable set of 215/50 R17 tyres, bring your car to Buzzy Bee Tyres. We have the most extensive collection of car tyres in Leighton Buzzard, all available at prices you won't find anywhere else.

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