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Every car owner wants to install the best quality components in their vehicle, but many manage with sub-par parts because of availability and price issues. To ensure you don’t face that problem, we, Buzzy Bee Tyres, stock an extensive range of tyresat our Leighton Buzzard facility.

We stock a variety of different manufacturers’ tyres. You can choose from Michelin, Continental, Lassa, and many more at an affordable rate. You will also find different size tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, etc.

When you drop by our facility, you will see that our entire stock is divided according to the dimension of the tyres. This is for your convenience. It is much easier to find the right size tyre if you know what you are looking for.

You will find them categorised according to its size, like 215/65 R16 tyres, a very populartyre size in the UK. For that size, you will see various companies’ products. For example –

  • ContiCrossContact LX 2 –This is Continental’s premium SUV tyre in this size bracket. It is a summer tyre, made for excellent dry handling and shorter wet braking distance. LX 2 performs outstandingly well during light off-roading, and its unique design provides better fuel efficiency and improves driving comfort.

  • ContiEcoContact 5 –If you want better mileage with smaller stopping distance and excellent handling, go for the ContiEcoContact 5. It is the OE for multiple Audi vehicles, and you will find the passenger car and SUV variant at our garage.

  • Michelin LATITUDE CROSS –For light pick-ups and compact 4x4s, LATITUDE CROSS is an ideal option. It has a crisscross tread pattern on its inner sidewall for better stability and handling in rough terrain. The outer sidewall has deep grooves and large sipes to improve aquaplaning.

  • Michelin Agilis ALPIN – With a substantial load carrying capacity, the ALPIN range of 215/65 R16 sized tyresisideal for utility vehicles over 2.8 tonnes of gross weight. The outward sipes are designed to prevent aquaplaning, whereas the asymmetrical ribs help to grip through loose gravel or sand.

  • Iceways –The Lassa Iceways is a high-performance winter tyre capable of tackling even the harshest British winter. It has large parallel grooves and a studded carcass for cutting through even the thickest ice. The grooves extend till the sidewall, helping to eject any trapped water from underneath.

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If you want the best quality 215/65 R16 tyres at the most affordable prices, bring your car to Buzzy Bee Tyres today. We are the largest tyre retailer in Leighton Buzzard, with a team of expert technicians always ready to meet your requirements with a smile. Feel free to contact us, or visit us anytime you want.

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