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The performance of a car depends on its tyres to a large extent. If the tyres are old, worn-out or otherwise damaged, your car will not be able to deliver its peak performance.

Buzzy Bee Tyres is one of the leading car garages in Leighton Buzzard.We maintain an extensive range of passenger car and SUV tyres from across leading brands in world.

Bring your car over to our garage and if you require 235/40 R18 tyres.

What does this alphanumeric code mean?

  • 235 – The width of your car tyres measured in millimetres.
  • 40 – The aspect ratio of the tyre.
  • R – Denotes the tyre is radial.
  • 18 – The wheel rim diameter in inches.

What brands provide this tyre size?

  1. Continental

Continental, the 4th largest tyres manufacturer in the world,provides an array of tyres for passenger cars and SUVs irrespective of the season.

Some of the tyres from Continental include:

       I. EcoContact 6

The EcoContact 6 for both passenger cars and SUVs is a summer tyre. It comes with Green Chili 2.0 compound that enhances your vehicle mileage.

       II. SportContact 6

The SportContact 6 for passenger cars is another summer tyres. These 235/40 R18 sized tyres come with Aralon350 technology that ensures the stability of your vehicle even at speeds exceeding 200 mph.

       III. WinterContact TS 860

Continental’s WinterContact TS 860 for passenger cars is a winter tyre. While itsCool Chili technology ensures optimum performance in winter roads, the Snow Curve+ technology makes sure you stay in control of your vehicle when cornering in snow-covered roads.

       IV. AllSeasonContact

The AllSeasonContact is Continental’s all-season tyre for passenger cars. This tyre combines both the features of summer and winter tyres to deliver superb grip and performance all year round.

  1. Goodyear

Goodyear, the 3rd largest tyre manufacturer in the world, has a number of popular 235/40 R18 size tyres.

Few Goodyear tyres that you can go for:

       I. Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 from Goodyear is a summer tyre available for both passenger cars and SUVs. Thanks to its Active Braking Technology, you get shorter braking distance. Its Grip Booster compoundallows superb gripping in summer road conditions.

       II. EfficientGrip Performance

Another summer tyre, the EfficientGrip Performance comes with WearControl Technology that reduces rolling resistance and provides exceptional wet grip.

      III. UltraGrip Performance

The winter tyre UltraGrip Performance comes with hydrodynamic grooves that decrease aquaplaning. It also offers excellent stopping power with Goodyear’s SnowProtect Technology.

      IV. Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

The Vector 4Seasons Gen-2, a winter tyre fits both passenger cars and SUVs. Its SmartTRED design with specific tread areas adapts to any road type. This tyre also comes with high-density 3D waffle blades that create exceptional grip on snowy and icy roads.

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