Caravan Tyres

Is it time already? Summer is the best time for long drives and different trekking experiences. We know you are ready but are your caravans ready to hit the road? With harsh winters and severe cold, the rubbers of your caravan tyres have to bear more than they have bargained for. If your Caravan tyres are worn out and have fallen prey to the environmental conditions, you need to replace them to ensure comfort and safety before going on a trip. We, here at buzzy Bee, have caravan tyres from the best brands, with a wide range of pricing options.

What to consider before choosing caravan tyres?

Caravan tyres are made to withstand heavy load conditions. Hence, the load index of caravan tyres should generally be higher than the regular car tyres. The loading also depends upon the size of the tyres. When you fit your caravan with incorrectly sized tyres, the risk of them giving up increases; these may burst out or may result in damaging the rims of your vehicle. It is recommended that the minimum load rating of the caravan tyres and rims must be equal to the Aggregate Trailer Mass of the caravan.

Another important thing to consider are the rims of the vehicle. When choosing the rims for your caravan, you should highly consider the mass and weight that your caravan is going to carry with it. Accordingly, you have to choose the type and size of the rims.

Tyron Technology: making trips safer

At first, Tyron bands were introduced for military purposes only. But as caravans and trailers started experiencing more and more tyre failures, they made their way into the commercial and personal vehicles also. Tyron bands do exactly what the name suggests; they help in keeping the tyres on the rims of your caravan vehicle in case of a puncture or blow out. Tyron bands present a way to provide greater safety to these kinds of vehicles as the heavy load they carry can make them steer uncontrollably after the blowouts or puncture than regular cars.

Without a Tyron band on, the vehicle in case of a puncture or blowout may result in fatal accidents and casualties.

One should always maintain accurate tyre pressure

If you want to avoid tyre punctures and blowouts, you should always maintain an adequate amount of pressure in your tyres. If the tyres are underinflated, they will not be able to take the load as they are supposed to. This may result in the damaged sidewall and may also hamper the rims of your vehicle. Over-inflated tyres will result in a decreased life of your tyres. Hence, you should always maintain the tyre pressure as per the user’s manual.

In case you are planning a trip and looking to buy a new set of tyres here in Leighton Buzzard, you can buy them with us. We, here at Buzzy Bee tyres have a wide variety of caravan tyres that are sure to suit your vehicle and driving needs. You can also book them online through our website. To know more, call in to speak with our customer service experts or drop us an email; we will get back to you in a jiffy!

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