Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Worried that you have damaged or lost your wheel nut removal key?

Breathe! Everything is under control, or should we say we will have the situation under control for you!

Serving as an anti-theft device, the locking wheel nuts are deliberately designed to resist drilling, incision, chiseling, and reverse thread sockets. Their key too is apart from the ordinary – at approximately two inches long, a circular item cast in metal, designed with a hexagonal indent on one side to hold the locking wheel nut.

It is rather common for people to somehow lose or damage the locking wheel nut key. In a few cases, corrosion of the bolt and the surrounding area makes it impossible for the key to serve any purpose.

BuzzyBee employs specialised locking wheel nut removal device and pro techniques for successful unlocking, without bringing any damage to the wheel or the rim. Use of everyday tools to chisel or hammer the nuts or sockets can bring functional as well as aesthetic damage to the alloy wheels. Therefore our advice to you is bring in professional help like us! At Buzzybee we offer lock wheel nut removal for vehicles of all models and making since the bolt designs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even within different models from the same manufacturer.

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