Mobile Wheel Balancing

It is imperative that the weight on the wheels is equally distributed around the axle. This is achieved by placing minuscule weights around the wheel, at specific spots and the process is referred to as wheel balancing. Driving a vehicle over a period will cause a shift in the balance, especially when riding over nubs and cornering. AT BuzzyBee we don’t just leave the testing to the naked eye, but place each tyre on an electronic wheel balancer to confirm equalisation of weights around the axle. It is only after achieving the perfect balance that we put the tyres back on the vehicle and complete the double check process by once again confirming perfect wheel balancing.

How to spot the need for wheel balancing?

This is easy! You can conduct two quick and simple test:

Uneven wearing – Check the tyres for signs of wearing. If these are different on each tyre, it is a call for wheel balancing.

Rocky tyres – If driving at 40-50mph is causing the tyres to rock or wobble, the vehicle is in need of wheel balancing.

Why wheel balancing is necessary?

Uneven weight distribution around the axle implies disrupted balance of wheels which results in faster spinning of the wheels around the axle; this could lead to the following risks:

  • Increased momentum for each of the four wheels results in severe wobbling of the vehicle
  • Uneven pressure on the treads, thus damaging them faster and more severely
  • Results in the tyres generating more heat which makes wearing faster and easier
  • Eventually, the suspension system and the wheel bearings too get strained

Making that tyres purchase at BuzzyBee? Congratulations! There won’t be any separate charges for wheel balancing; we will consider it as part of our tyre fitting service. If you simply seek to get your current tyres balanced, visit our premise or book an appointment online.

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