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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

According to automobile experts, you must switch to summer tyres when the temperature rises above 7°C. With Buzzy Bee Tyres,you get the best summer tyres at a great bargain.

Summer tyres are made of rubber compounds that are harder than winter or all-season variants. Hence, these tyres can endure the high heat from the tarmac. When looking for a new set of summer tyres, visit Buzzy Bee Tyres. We offer the best summer tyres price in Leighton Buzzard. Additionally, we stock tyres from most top-selling brands, such as Ovation, Lassa, Goodyear, Continental, etc.

Advantages of summer tyres

Summer tyres offer the highest level of performance on all road conditions provided the temperature stays above the 7°C mark. Some of the marked advantages of these tyres are mentioned below.

  • Summer tyres can resist aquaplaning much better than any other, owing to their special tread design. As summers in the UK sees occasional thunderstorms aquaplaning can be a major issue during this time.
  • Summer tyres offer better traction and cornering grip owing to their greater contact patch as a result of their tread design.
  • They feature better dry and wet braking capabilities.

Although all-season tyres can deliver acceptable performance in milder temperatures, they are no match for summer tyres at high temperatures.

Summer tyres vs. other categories

  • All-season tyres offer balanced performance under mild weather conditions. The tread on an all-seasonhas more sipes, which improves its traction on wintry roads. But it also reduces tyre stiffness. Hence, braking and traction on wet surface drops. Incontrast, summer car tyres in Leighton Buzzard maintain their stiffness under all conditions.
  • Winter tyres' tread surface will erode much faster than summer tyres as a result of having softer tread compound. Also, summer tyres have lesser rolling resistance than their winter counterparts. As such, they have a positive impact on fuel efficiency.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to keep a separate set of wheels, mounted with summer and winter tyres, as fitting them separately on wheels can be more expensive. Visit us for a precise tyre fitting service. We also perform mobile tyre-fitting within a 20 miles radius of our garage.

Best summer tyres on offer at Buzzy Bee Tyres

Some of the top-rated summer tyre models you can avail are –

  • Continental ContiPremiumContact
  • Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2
  • Lassa Snoways 3
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport
  • Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance

Remember, when fitting summer tyres on your car, always swap the entire set of 4 tyres. Never mix and match summer tyres with other types.

Buy summer tyres from us

We stock the most comprehensive range of summer tyres at our workshop.Visit us on any working day to get the best tyres for your car from top brands.

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