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Dunlop tyres have a rich legacy of more than a hundred years. Dunlop tyres were established in 1889 at Birmingham, England, and since they are profoundly known for their excellent performance along with unmatched safety.

Buzzy Bee Tyres is the one-stop shop for buying best quality Dunlop tyres here, in Leighton Buzzard. Dunlop, like its parent company Goodyear, is getting better and better by investing heavily in the research and development department.

John Boyd Dunlop, the founder of the Dunlop company, had a vision that is made true in the modern era of tyre manufacturing.

To give you a brief on why you should buy Dunlop tyres, we provide you with the following relevant facts:

1. The engineers at Dunlop tyres focus on being perfect in their work. Hence, they don't just believe in high performance; instead, they go for ultra-high performance. The engineers at Dunlop aim for perfection and don't settle for anything less. Achieving that perfection, the brand provides excellent cornering under all weather conditions.

2. The research and development department at Dunlop tyres is superior grade. They invest tons of money in research to come up with new technologies every now and then.

Some of the exceptional technologies that Dunlop tyres has produced are:

  • Noise shield Technology: This technology cuts off internal noise of the tyres by 50%.
  • Specific Bead Seat system: The technology provides better hold on the rim of the tyres.
  • RunOnFlat tyres: The tyres are capable of being driven around for more than 50 miles in a punctured/flat condition.
  • Dual Silica Compound: The Dual silica compound reduces the wearing of the tread and also improves the acceleration of the car.

3. The quality of Dunlop tyres is maintained with a 360 check that is performed on every tyre manufactured in the Dunlop facility. The tyres are thoroughly checked for rolling noise, wet grip, and fuel efficiency.

4. Some of the most significant achievements of Dunlop tyres include:

  • Dunlop introduced the first Pneumatic tyre.
  • In 1962, Dunlop tyres discovered the concept of aquaplaning as the reason for skidding on the wet roads.

5. Many of the car manufacturing brands put their complete faith in Dunlop tyres, choosing them as their original equipment providers. Porche used Dunlop tyres as their OE for the brand new model of 911, known as the GT3, and also for remarked it as the best choice for delivering the full power of a car's engine.

With so many positive reviews, it is impossible for us not to recommend Dunlop tyres for your vehicle.

In case you are looking for a place to buy your own Dunlop set, book them online with us. You can also visit us here at our garage to get them fixed in your vehicle by us; alternatively, you can book them online, and attach them by yourself at your home. To know more on cars and tyres, you can always call us; our experts are here to look after your needs.



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