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Falken tyres is a subsidiary of world-renowned Sumitomo Rubber Company. Ever since its establishment, Sumitomo Rubber Company has evolved significantly in the past 110 years. They have formed numerous subsidiary companies, one of which is Falken tyres, the other two being Dunlop and Ohtsu. We, Buzzy Bee Tyres, have been the retailers of Falken tyres from the very beginning. Our trust in the brand has made us showcase it as one of our prime choices for tyres Leighton Buzzard.

Falken tyres came into existence in 1983, and became one of the best subsidiary company for the world's fifth largest tyre manufacturers in the world, the 'Sumitomo Rubber Company.' Offenbach, Germany became the first European office, and also the headquarter for Falken tyres. They make use of production facilities owned by Sumitomo Tyre Company that produces more than 10,350 tons of tyres every month.

Let us provide you with more reasons why you should buy Falken tyres:

  1. Falken tyre is a subsidiary of one of the largest tyre manufacturing company in the world. It uses technology and the research facilities of Sumitomo Tyre Company to manufacture its tyres to perfection.
  2. Falken, since the birth of its first European office in the Offenbach, Germany, has gotten overseas very quickly. Today, the brand has captured significant tyre market in the UK, USA, etc. We are proud of being one of the retail stores in Europe, among other hand-picked 8000 stores, authorised to sell Falken tyres in the UK.
  3. The brand became popular when Falken 451 was introduced. These tyres were specially designed to cater to both wet as well as dry conditions, adequately. The tyres provided enhanced comfort along with longer tread life. This model went on to receive astounding reviews from experts and was recommended highly to be bought and re-bought over and over again.
  4. Today, Falken tyres have become synonymous with ultra-high performance tyres. Lately, several racing cars are fitted with Falken tyres because of the exceptional performance they deliver. The brand has also won the Mirage Cup International Series, following which they started distributing tyres globally. We, at Buzzy Bee, keep all of the variants of the ultra high-performance tyres here in our stores; you can book them online at the blink of an eye, anytime you desire.

5. Falken is responsible for various surprising tyre technologies:

  • Gyro-blade is a new technology that will be available in the near future, wherein the tyres will no longer need air pressure to run. These tyres will be designed to be resistant to punctures.
  • 4D nanotechnology developed by Falken tyres is capable of performing modifications in the composition of tyres at the nano level. The molecular structure of the tyre can be moulded to provide better heat resistance and enhanced grip.

If you want your own set of Falken tyres here in Leighton Buzzard, you can always come to us. We, here at Buzzy Bee Tyres, will provide you with what your car actually needs.



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