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When you come to Buzzy Bee Tyres looking for a set of brand new car tyres, you will have the option to choose from a variety of different manufacturers products. However, if you ask us for our suggestion topick a high-quality, affordable, and long-lastingproduct, we will recommend you take a look at our collection of Lassa Tyres.

Lassa is a Turkish tyre manufacturing brand, a joint venture partner with Bridgestone Corporation. Established in 1974, they are a prominent name in the automobile market across more than 60 countries. We love their product because of the sheer quality they offer with affordable price tags. Lassa won the European Quality Grand Prize in 1996, competing and defeating the giants of the industry.

At our garage, you will find the entire range of their products.We offer the best prices of Lassa tyres in Leighton Buzzard, along with the necessary tyre fitting service. We will also help you pick the best product depending on your vehicle, your driving habit, daily distance traversed, and budget.

Why Lassa

When you choose Lassa, you select a company’s product that has proved itself around the world in the last 44 years. They formed a joint venture with Bridgestone in 1978, sharing their knowledge to produce tyres suitable for every type of road condition. Today, they own one of the largest tyre manufacturing plants in the world.

Every single Lassa tyre goes through a series of stringent quality control tests before it comes out of the factory. Their products use the latest technologies used by the tyre manufacturing world, making them one of the most advanced and reliable products in the inventory of Buzzy Bee Tyres.

Some of our best selling product

Lassa’s tyres are some of the bestselling car tyres in our garage. Our customers especially prefer their range of passenger and SUV tyres. Let’s take a look at some popular Lassa tyres in Leighton Buzzar

1. Impetus REVO 2+ -The REVO 2+ is a summer tyre from Lassa’s stable. The 2+ series has an exceptionally lower rolling resistance, offering better mileage as well as performance. Its unique directional sipes help with better aquaplaning and stability.

2. SNOWAYS ERA + - If you want comfort, safety, and performance out of a set of winter tyres, pick the SNOWAYS ERA +. It implements a converging grip design, with asymmetrical groove and tread-to-sidewall sipes.

3. DRIVEWAYS SPORT – DRIVEWAYS SPORT is the perfect addition for your high-performance sports It is certified by TÜV SÜD, proving its durability and performance capability. The large treads running across its length help dissipate heat better, making way for longer drives without compromising on performance.

Looking for Lassa tyres?

Bring your car to Buzzy Bee Tyres in Leighton Buzzard to buy your next set of high-quality yet affordable car tyres. We have a wide range of products at stock which we sell and fit to vehicles. Our mobile tyre fitting service which caters to a 20 mile area around our workshop is equally proficient.



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