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We know you want only the best for your car, and that’s why are happy to offer you our wide range of Ovation tyres in Leighton Buzzard. At Buzzy Bee Tyres, we have an amazing collection of Ovation car tyres suitable for every type of vehicle. Our range of products is sure to awe you, and our low prices are set to surprise you even more.

We sell a significant number of Ovation tyres to our patrons every month. It is perfect for car owners who are looking for a set of high performance, long-lasting, rugged, and affordable set of car tyres.

Ovation and Buzzy Bee Tyres

We stock the entire range of Ovation’s products so that you can pick the ideal one for your vehicle. For your convenience, we have divided our collection intothree categories, viz. - passenger and high-performance car tyres, winter tyres, and SUV/light truck tyres.

Passenger and high-performance car tyres

Ovation specialises in making tyres that offers excellent speed, ride comfort and economy. Their range of passenger and performance tyres includes –

  • VI-682 Ecovision–VI-682 is one of the most popular summer tyres from Ovation’s inventory. It incorporates a distinctive smooth rib, flanked by two more ribs with unidirectional grooves. The unique design provides exceptional fuel economy while maintaining stability.
  • VI-388 – With its unidirectional sipes and wide contact patch, the VI-388 is a performance car tyre suitable for the warm British climate. It has a smaller sidewall for fitting with a broaderrim and comes with tread wear indicators for your convenience.

Winter tyres

At Buzzy Bee Tyres, we stock a wide range of winter specific Ovation tyres in Leighton Buzzard. These will keep you safe during the coldest months of the year while giving way better mileage than their competitors.

  • W686 –The W686 is ideal for tackling roads covered with slush or ice. It sports wide grooves, extending till the sidewall, and thin sipes all over its carcass for excellent traction.
  • W586 – For milder weathers, you can choose the W586. Its unique tread pattern allows it to grip the road through thin ice, and its extended sipes evacuate water to remove any chance of aquaplaning.

SUV/light truck tyres

If you are looking for something even more rugged and ready to tackle the road less taken, take a look at our collection of SUV and light truck tyres from Ovation.

  • VI-286AT Ecovision–Broad profile, deep grooves, large sidewall; the VI-286AT is made to tackle the unknown. Its deep treads will provide you with sufficient grip over any surface, ensuring a safer transit.
  • VI-286HT –If you want on-road and off-road performance, pick the VI-286HT from our inventory. It is the perfect balance between a treaded and smooth profile, capable of tacking any road condition.

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Come to Buzzy Bee Tyres if you are looking for the best deals in high-quality car tyres. We have the most extensive collection of Ovation tyres, available at the best price in the town.Our tyre express fitting service ensures that you leave our garage with a set of fully fitted new car tyres.  Car owners within a 15-20 mile radius may also opt for our mobile tyre fitting service.



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