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Tyre Manufacturers - Vitora Tyres

Vitora is one of the new entrants to the tyre market but has already gained a favourable opinion among car owners for their high-quality products. At Buzzy Bee Tyres, we have an extensive collection of Vitora tyres suitable for every type of vehicle and road or weather conditions.

Vitora is known across the globe for their range of performance tyres which amplify the handling metrics and ride comfort of a vehicle. They invest heavily in their R&D department for developing tyres that can handle the challenges of British roads.

Let’s take a look at some of the Vitora car tyres in Leighton Buzzard that you can buy from our workshop.

  • Sportlife

The Sportlife is a high-performance tyre that offers exceptional braking and handling. It has an asymmetrical tread pattern that provides a stable ride on both wet and dry road conditions. It also has an inside shoulder featuring high void ratio for exceptional wet braking. The uniquely optimised tread block reduces tyre noise and enhances ride comfort.

  • Citylife

An all-season touring tyre fit for touring vehicles, the Citylife offers a smooth, quiet ride. It is one of the most durable tyres in the market today thanks to Vitora’s unique tread compound. It has exceptional aquaplaning capabilities and is fit for driving on light snow as well.

  • Streetlife

The Streetlife is Vitora’s premium offering for road trip enthusiasts. It is an all-season tyre with 4 circumferential grooves for enhanced aquaplaning resistance. Its unique tread pattern adorned with multiple sipes makes it fit for driving in the winter as well. The flat contact patch on these tyres limits tread wear and increases the tyre life.

  • Worklife

A favourite among LCV owners, the Worklife is a robust tyre that lasts for years on end. Its tread compound has puncture and abrasion-resistance properties. It provides class-leading stability both on and off-road. The heavy-duty sidewall provides an additional layer of stability and offers a balanced handling performance in all road conditions.

  • Highlife

A premium SUV tyre, the Highlife is built for superior performance. Its unique tread design reduces vehicle vibration and offers you a smooth ride regardless of the road conditions. These tyres have a high speed and load index ranging from 99V to 110V.

Vitora car tyres in Leighton Buzzard

If you want to check out Vitora’s range of tyres, visit Buzzy Bee Tyres today. We have their entire collection, available to you at the best prices in this town. Our in-house experts will be happy to help you in selecting the best tyre for your vehicle. We also perform a quick and accurate tyre fitting service, including mobile tyre fitting within a 20 mile range, if you buy a set of tyres from our workshop.



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