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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Winters in the UK are most often mild, but there have been instances of excessive snowfall. Although, snowfall or not, during winters, temperature often drops below 7°C. Moreover, studies show that drivers are six times more prone to accidents from October to February, i.e. during the winter.

The primary reason for these accidents is the loss of traction due to snow and ice cover on the roads. Loss of traction also occurs due to inappropriate or worn out tyres. So, make sure to get a set of winter tyres in Leighton Buzzard from Buzzy Bee Tyres when the mercury drops below 7°C.

Why do you need winter tyres?

The challenges that one faces when driving on wintry roads are significantly higher than other times of the year. These include-

  • Snow or ice-covered roads results in lower braking and cornering friction
  • In some situations, snow melts and increases the chances of hydroplaning. That can be dangerous, as there’s already low traction. Hydroplaning compounds this problem by destabilising your vehicle.
  • Ordinary tyres will harden up at such low temperatures, which makes them prone to damage like sidewall cracking and excess tread erosion.

To overcome these challenges of snowyroads, you must fit winter tyres. At Buzzy Bee Tyres, we have an extensive collection of winter tyres from every recognised brand in the industry.

Features of winter tyres

The winter tyres that we store at our garage are of the highest quality and provide a driver with the maximum safety and driving comfort during winters.

  • Winter tyres have tread compounds that comprise more natural rubbers and oils, which prevent moisture loss. Additionally, the rubber compound in them is hydrophilic which improves friction on wet
  • Winter tyres featuredeep opentreads with a high void ratio. Also, they have a narrower aspect ratio which reduces resistance from the ploughing effect on the tyre when moving through deeper snow.
  • They have bigger shoulder blocks that allow them to bite into snow and ice. The presence of numerous tiny sipes in their block significantly increases friction.

So, are you looking forward to buying winter tyres for your car? Visit our car garage to purchase the best set of snow car tyres today. At our workshop, we perform a precise tyre fitting service for new car tyres.

Benefits of winter tyres

  • Shorter braking distance than summer tyres
  • Lesser risks of aquaplaning
  • Better cornering grip on snow and ice.

Buy winter tyres in Leighton Buzzard

Come to our garage to get access to the most extensive collection of winter tyres in this region. For our customer’s convenience, we also perform mobile tyre fitting within a 20 mile range.

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